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The Randal J. Millen Biography

Randal J Millen (January 16, 1960  -  March 22, 2011)

Randal (Randy) J. Millen passed away peacefully, but unexpectedly, on March 22, 2011.  He was 51 years old. 

Randy was born in Newburyport on January 16, 1960 to the late Oscar and Evelyn (Woodman) Millen.

Randy leaves behind his cherished wife of 30 years, Donna; his three devoted children, Kristen, Nicholas and Jamie.  He also leaves behind many extended family members, including his aunt Eleanor Woodman of Georgetown.  He also leaves his mother-in-law Maureen Ervin, late father-in-law Arthur Ervin, sisters-in-law Kathy, Margaret and Sharon, brothers-in-law Dennis, John and Michael, niece Christine and nephew Dennis, Jr., all of New Jersey. 

Randy loved life. He had a heart of gold and always took care of his family and friends.  His family was his world and he was extremely proud of his three children.  Randy took great pride at his job as a truck driver for Merrill Services in Newburyport.  He was also a farmer and enjoyed growing corn and vegetables, and loved knowing that others were enjoying what he grew himself. 

He loved basketball and riding his motorcycle with his son and best friend, Nick.  He loved attending his daughter, Jamie's plays and singing recitals and spending time laughing and talking with his oldest daughter, Kristen.  He also loved date nights with his wife, Donna.   

In addition to his family, Randy leaves behind many close and dear friends.  He was always a friend and a hero to his children.  Randy will be greatly missed by all those fortunate enough to have met him.

Most residents of the Greater Newburyport Area were familiar with his ‘farm stands’ that he placed in strategic areas selling off vegetables in baskets but primarily his delicious butter-and-sugar corn laid on a large cart piled high!     He had a small shed he placed on Route One South in Newbury that many a Newbury resident passed on their way to the transfer station.      Just before his passing, he invested in a large farm shed on the west side of Low Street. (Now the Hodges II Ice Cream stand)

He had an oversize impact on the region and has been dearly missed.     Eleanor Woodman pushed heavily with Tropic Star Development to have the Woodman Farm Nature Trail named after Randy and now the trail has been acknowledged and recognized by the City of Newburyport. 

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