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About us


The Parker River Clean Water Association is a non-profit (501(c)3 community-based organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the waters and ecosystems of the Parker River and Plum Island Sound watersheds for current and future generations.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Parker River Clean Water Association is to preserve and protect the river and its ecosystem through the development of community based objectives and coalitions based upon individuals, groups, businesses, schools and governments who understand their connection to the river and the watershed and who will act to protect it for future generations.

Programs & Volunteer Activities

It takes volunteer-dedicated hours to assist in the preserving of the Parker River Ecosystem and Watershed.    Oftentimes, the only compensation after sacrificing time and talents is to see a healthy community in balance with nature.     Whether it is removing invasive plants, protecting vernal pools, doing fish counts, monitoring river flow, road-kill surveys and water-quality testing; it takes concerned citizens, working iwth non-profit and gvernment agencies to see our river system preserved.     This teamwork has hleped to sustain the cleanest, and in Massachusett; the healthiest watershed in the state.

Meet the Board

The Parker River Clean Water Association Board represents many of the towns that are part of the Parker River Watershed.     Some have experience from their work on Conservation Commissions, Land Conservation Organizations, while others come from water / sewer boards.     We have engineeers, scientists, conservation advocates and even legislators from all different walks of life.      All have a deep commitment to work toward and maintain a healthy Parker River Watershed. 

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