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Watershed Information


Parker River Watershed Information

The Parker River is approximately 23 miles in length and its watershed covers approximately 82 square miles in Essex County, Massachusetts. Towns and cities located partially or wholly in the watershed include Boxford, Georgetown, Groveland, Ipswich, Newbury, Newburyport, North Andover, Rowley, and West Newbury. Major tributaries include the Little River which starts in Newburyport and flows through Newbury, and the Mill River , which flows through Rowley and joins the Parker River near Gov. Dummer Academy. 

The freshwater portion of the Parker River is a favorite angling spot for trout. The tidal portions of the watershed including Plum Island Sound abound with fish and in summer the stripped bass and bluefish are much sought after. The mud flats of the sound are well known locally for their abundance of clams. There are 14 lakes, ponds, and reservoirs in the watershed covering approximately 295 acres. 

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