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Anadromous Fish of the Parker River

Anadromous fish are fish that are born in freshwater rivers, streams, and ponds but spend most of their lives in salt water. The adults return to freshwater, usually to the stream in which their were born to spawn. Human activities, most notably dams, have severly impacted the ability of many anadromous fish to return to their home stream. Well designed fishways (fish ladders), however, can alleviate the problem and provide these species with the means to make the passage upstream.

From the very beginning of colonial settlement in the Parker River basin, laws were passed to regulate fishing and by the late 1700's there was considerable concern about the decline of fish populations in the Parker River.

Anadromous Fish Still Present in the Basin

  • Alewife

  • Blueback Herring

  • Sea Lamprey

  • Smelt

  • Striped Bass

  • White Perch


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