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Invasive Plant Removal



This isn't Hawaii or some remote, sensitive habitat; this is New England.       Invasive plants are causing havoc with our eco-system.     Often, they crowd out native species and also destroy the very environment that is found in a typical natural setting.


Worse, they destroy our river system, crowding out species, depriving the area of vital nutrients and making an area one-species specific and thus destroying a healthy diversity.

Here is a short video on the threat to the environment from just one invasive plant species.      The Aquatic species are even more insidious and are causing great damage to our watershed!








Japanese Knotweed.


Oriental Bittersweet

Water Chestnut



Purple Loosestrife

Parker River Clean Water Association volunteers are working to hold back the environmental damage by conducting events of removing water chestnut, millfoil and pepperweed.     All you need is a canoe (or hip boots), gloves and a dedicated spirit that doesn't mind that the body gets wet!

Volunteers will be needed in the Fall when forest invasive plants are tackled such as Oriental Bittersweet.    Hand clippers and lopers and a lot of patience. (Considering the devastation in some areas covers whole forests.)     But oh so satisfying, knowing that the next year will see expanses of healthy woodlands!

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