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Flood Mitigation in the Parker River Watershed


Bixby Co. off Parker Street in Newburyport

A number of areas in the Parker River Watershed are at risk for flooding.  The coastal flood plain and velocity zones on Plum Island are at risk during hurricanes and major coastal storms.  Low lying areas along the Little River such as in the Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Green are subject to flooding during extreme rain events.  Flooding during extremely heavy rains is also a problem in Georgetown along Penn Brooks and some areas bordering Pentucket Pond.

Flood mitigation can take many forms ranging from preserving and improving the flood storage capability of wetlands to zoning regulations, the flood proofing of exisiting buildings and structural improvements such as drainage systems and dikes.  If you are concerned about flooding in your neighborhood, contact the PRCWA office to learn how you can get involved in flood mitigation planning for your community.

Flood Mitigation Resources

Mitigation Examples


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