April is the time to clean up the trails!!!!

(Click the image below for volunteer opportunties!!)



(Lots of fresh air and work that improves one of

Newburyport's hidden treasures)

Please attend to assist in the improvements to the Little River Trail System: (at this stage, each event is tentative depending in local, national, state and regional notices, and by local municipalities and their health departments (Plus the unpredictable doings of Mother Nature!)

June 12th, 8 am to 1 pm, Storey Avenue, Gloria Braunhardt Bike Trail

The main task will be to spread stone dust 4" deep on the North side 

and South side of the Gloria Braunhardt Bike Trail.

Equipment needed: wheel barrel, rake, shovel, gloves (provided), water (provided)

Goal: to maximize the handicap-accessibility of the bike trail!

Alternate rain dates will be provided due to inclement weather.


Help us raise the funds for a Utility Trailer

(every little bit will help!)














We have a need for a trailer so that large materials can be brought down to maintain the nature trails such as logs, lumber and transporting of soil.      The goal is to raise $800.00.      Every little bit helps and would expedite the maintenance duties as PRCWA oversees the care of the Upper Little River Watershed.


PRCWA is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Donations are tax deductible


As soon as a new date has been established, the public

and the membership will be notified.

It's a shame as this meeting would have been very

encouraging and informative concerning a much-needed

snapshot of the Parker River Watershed!

















Utility Trailer.jpg
Utility Trailer.jpg