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Parker River Clean Water Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Parker River Clean Water Association is to preserve and protect the river and its ecosystem through the development of community based objectives and coalitions based upon individuals, groups, businesses, schools, and governments who understand their connection to the river and the watershed and who will act to protect it for future generations.


The Parker River Clean Water Association will strive to accomplish its mission by focusing efforts on a series of objectives, including

  • public outreach for education, volunteerism and coalition building

  • technical assessment of the river and its ecosystem

  • organizational development of a strong watershed group

The Association will develop strong volunteer programs that collect and disseminate high quality information, develop community and organizational leaders, and educate the volunteers and the larger community about the watershed. We will serve as the central spokesperson for the watershed, acting as a source of credible scientific, policy and regulatory information to help people and organizations make good decisions for the watershed. Through a committed program of public outreach, volunteerism, and community based consensus building, we will strive to be an organization that knows and understands its constituents and what they value about the watershed.

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