Bird Box Installation & Field Monitoring


Many bird species are endangered due to loss of habitat.     By installing bird boxes in strategic locations increases the chance of nesting and rearing the young.


Constant monitoring and protecting their habitat must accompany this activity to ensure that food sources and the environment are not taken away at the very strategic time of chick rearing.


The primary concern has been the rapid loss of blue birds and their habitat


Here below are the results of efforts in the Georgetown Area to build and maintain blue bird boxes and habitats.


West Street/Bailey Lane Aquifer Fields - Georgetown, MA

Nest Box Summary Report – 2015


West Street/Bailey Lane Aquifer Fields - Georgetown, MA

Nest Box Summary Report – 2016

West Street/Bailey Lane Aquifer Fields - Georgetown, MA

Nest Box Summary Report – 2020


Here are some background information concerning the blue bird:


Bluebird Society Document


Basic facts about the blue bird.


And in support of the nesting program, available for Scout projects and volunteer efforts; is the basic construction diagrams for an effective bird box:


Bird Box Diagrams.


APredator intrusion is a major problem.      Here is a clever construct to discourage racoons and other forest creatures from invading the nest.


Baffle System.





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