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The Little River Trail System

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An educational and recreational 5.4 mile trail network introducing to the surrounding community the importance of the Little River Watershed, the historic Common Pasture and protection of the environment and wildlife habitats.














The community is strongly behind the preservation of open space and the establishment of trails.      The Community Preservation Act passed in Newburyport because the community was concerned that the farms and open spaces would be destroyed, replaced by endless tracts of factories and homes.    


  • One of the primary reasons for the creation of this system is education to the surrounding neighborhoods that encircle the trail area.       This is a crucial watershed that impacts a much large environmental area due to flooding and the Little River being a main contributor to the Parker River Watershed and the vast Great Marsh.     With the use of interpretive signs and kiosks and the continued use by citizens; the word will spread how important it is to preserve and protect this sensitive ecology.

  • The high number of residences in the area needs a safe, reliable trail system for recreation.       One of the fundamental principles of trail design is, if an access is not available; people will find a way.     This could result in safety issues and harm to this environment, in particular, the invaluable wetlands.       By making sure the trails are made available, with easy access will prevent improvised paths that would damage this eco-system.








































The Trails

of the Little River Trail System  



Cooper North Pasture Preserve Trail


Marlene Schroeder Nature Trail


Gloria Braunhardt Bike/Pedestrian Trail


Albert G Decie II Little River Nature Trail


Randal J Millen Nature Trail

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